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This is the Website of Mac McFadden – Comic Poet

Mac is a down-to-earth plain talking poet/rhyming raconteur. He is described as a hybrid of: Poetry, Theatre and Standup Comedy.

As well as performance poems and lyrical yarns/stories, Mac also writes bespoke poetry on request for personal use, and for social occasions, such as: Leaving Do’s, Weddings, Funerals, Beheadings, etc!

Mac has performed his own shows at the Edinburgh Brighton, and Oxford festivals, as well as performing at many other festivals around the UK.  He was also the Oxford Hammer & Tongue Poetry Slam Champion, and a member of the Oxford Poetry Slam Champions Team – ‘The Dreaming Liars’. 

He has now moved from Oxfordshire and lives in Cheshire East.

Mac is currently on the lookout for tryout venues for his one man show, having performed a bucket load of shows via social media to widespread acclaim during the Pandemic.

Mac will make you laugh whilst tugging on your heartstrings.

Anyone interested in booking Mac, or in having a bespoke poem written can contact him via the contact page.

By the way here’s an on the spot ‘poem, from the  ‘Webmaster’…

‘I made this site myself, without a clue and no idea…
I never even had instructions (like those they give you in IKEA)…
No confusing little drawings that then confuse you even more…
That look like they’ve been scribbled by an excited child – aged 4… 
To leave you swearing at the unassembled flat-pack on the floor. 
You can’t walk into Curry’s and just buy one off the shelf…
So, unprepared and in a hurry… I’ve just cocked it up myself
Please do feel to nose about and have a look at it…
But… excuse this ‘L-Plated-Luddite’… if some of it looks…

Shoddy… (I’m still meddling with it!)’

Mac McFadden – Comic-Webmaster!!!

2 thoughts on “Mac McFadden – Comic Poet Homepage”

  1. I have known Mac for many years. His wit is matched only by his sincerity. He has a wonderful way with words and can ease the most troubled heart or mind. I knew him as a soldier and I’m privileged to know him as a poet. He sent me a t shirt with a personalized poem on the back, he is so sincere with his words, a pure comic and poetic talent I would endorse for anyone. Love ya Mac.

  2. Thank you for the lockdown shows – absolutely love your poems – funny, witty, thought-provoking. Hope to be able to see you live.

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Have watched this man on many of an occasion, he kept our spirits up through lockdown….he even made me laugh😉 I have also been present when he has delivered an individual poem about a close friend that had passed away…he definitely has a way with words..and may it long continue.

Pete – Shrivenham