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Welcome to my Place. I’m Mac. (No I’m not a raincoat!). I have been described as: ‘a Comedian, a Poet, an Actor, a Wordsmith, and an Urban Raconteur’… Sigh… All I ever wanted to be was a Lolly Pop Man!

I have performed on Stage doing all of the above (Apart from the Lolly Popping!!). I also write bespoke Poems and rhyming Speeches for special occasions.

Why have I set this site up? To empty my brain so I can sleep at night. (I can’t count sheep… Call me old fashioned, but I don’t have sheep in my bedroom!).

Throughout this site you will find poems of various categories, some videos of me performing, photos (I like taking random snaps; normally in Black & White). I am an observer of urban life, and this is reflected in my poems and photos. They are ‘my outlook’.

There are also links to a couple of films I have appeared in, details about my bespoke Poems, if you are looking for a special gift for someone or need digging out of a hole with a speech. Oh and also my forthcoming book which I am gearing towards publishing with the kind cooperation and help of the Hague Trust.

Well… Please feel free to wipe your mucky feet on my metaphorical welcome mat and trample all over me…

‘If you meant to actually visit this site
Welcome… Welcome (aren’t I polite?!)
If you’re just being nosey, then that’s ok
Flick through the pages and nosey away
If you’re here by mistake, cos your thumbs are fat
Feel free to stay and hang your hat
My door’s always open, you don’t need keys
But if you’re a Phisher… Phish off please!…
(I’m not worth the effort, I just shoot the breeze)
If you like poetry, lyrics and doggerel
(The type you can sit and read on the boggerel!)
Then do come in and stay for a while…
Please help yourself to, and leave with…
a smile!”


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