Bespoke Poetry and Merchandise

On this page I am giving  just very few examples of my several hundred bespoke poems that I have written for special occasions. I have done too many of these to count over a period spanning over thirty years. Without blowing my own trumpet, I don’t know anyone who writes these as expertly, or as prolifically as I do! My testimonials will prove evidence of that! If you need a unique poem for presentation as a gift,  for a speech, etc, go to my contact page and we can take it from there. I will send you my ‘input template’, which will be very simple for you to give me the salient detail, to allow me to write your unique piece. Cost will be negotiable, depending upon requirements.

If you require me to write a bespoke poem, please use the Contact Section below and we’ll take it from there.

Here are just a few examples: At each link you can zoom in to see/read the content.


Wedding Poem Example 1

Wedding Poem Example 2

Wedding Poem Example 3


The two examples below are for British Military personnel. I specialise in these poems, as it is where I started my ‘craft’, which led me eventually onto the comedy stage. I do, however, write them for people from all walks of life, just as easily:

Farewell/Tribute Poem Example 1

Farewell/Tribute Poem Example 2


Birthday Poem Example 1 

Birthday Poem Example 2

Acrostic Poem Example 1

Add another.


Yes I can do poems for funerals too! I prefer to call these ‘Life Celebrations’.

Funeral/Life Celebration Poem Example 1

Funeral/Life Celebration Poem Example 2


Ad Hoc Poem Example 1



2 thoughts on “Bespoke Poetry and Merchandise”

  1. I have been given a poem, ‘Poppies, Medals, Beer’ by my brother, a Falklands Vet who bought/won it at a raffle/auction. It is signed Mac McFadden and dated 2018. I am also a Vet and produce a monthly village publication (normally 28 pages (A5) and circulation of 450 copies) in the Scottish Borders. I would like to reproduce this poem, attributed, in our Nov edition and would request permission to do so. I can provide a pdf copy of our publication as an example if required. Thank you.

    1. I have replied. Happy for you to use it, as long as you include my copyright at the bottom.



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