Rhyming Yarns

I am predominantly a performance poet. These poems were written with the structure I use in most of my poems, in that I deliberately don’t write to any specific structure or form. I write as ‘I would say it’ and often mix structures for variety. These poems are longer in length. I have put them on a separate page because exasperatingly, in this world of technology, there are many people who roll their eyes if they have to read more than two paragraphs.

I was too young to remember Marriott Edgar, but people told me that my ‘rhyming tales’ were similar to what he did, although in different in style. I have since listened to him and can understand the connection (although having listened to his monologues, I feel flattered. He was marvelous). I  believe his poems should be revered, kept alive and celebrated for generations eternal to enjoy. Sadly that won’t happen.

You could call these poems… ‘Poems for families in power cuts’…

A Girl Called Sid

Just Another Slow Dance

Hearts And Arrows

Middle C

Gudbuy t’Jane

Bo Leary

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