Poem of the Moment

On this page I am posting poems that have just sprung to mind. Some of these may have just been written on the spot and may be rubbish. You decide 😀…

This is one I wrote for International Women’s Day…

‘It‘s International Womens Day today. All the more poignant today, given the repeat devastion we are seeing around us… Once again caused by men…


For you who light the parties up, by being the first to dance.
For you who re-endure the pain of childbirth, without a backwards glance.

For you who bite the bullets and wait out on the shores…
For the safe return of men – when it’s the men who start the wars!

For you who sacrifice careers to put your children first.
For you who keep the ships afloat when the storms are at their worst.

For you, who are the first to spot the blossom in the meadows.
For you forever on your guard, from footsteps in the shadows.

For you cast into darkness and denied your rights for years.
For you – unashamed and strong and brave enough to show your tears.

For you who embody: honesty, sincerity, integrity, and bravery.
For you – Fighting through adversity, everyday unwaveringly.

For you wholly underrated, and wrongly undermined…
By the: blinkered, pig ignorant, privileged and morally blind.

For you who bring us: love, compassion, beauty, warmth and grace.
For you – the rocks upon this earth that keep this spinning world in place.

May you prosper, may you thrive.
March on – hoist your dreams alive.

Keep walking forward, reap what’s yours.
With you in charge there’d be no wars.

No matter, what dark place you’re driven to…
Make sure your star keeps shining through…

This is for… every single one of you! ❤️’


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