Poem of the Moment

On this page I am posting poems that have just sprung to mind. Some of these may have just been written on the spot and may be rubbish. You decide πŸ˜€…

‘Tourism Boom 2018’

The Sun came out one British day
And then forgot to go away
As Maguire, Kane, then Trippier scored
The UK’s thermal readings soared

The Sun stayed up there in the sky
British lawns turned brown and dry
Argos stores ran out of fans
We contemplated hosepipe bans

As the heatwave stayed, against the grain
The World took note of our lack of rain..
‘Wow!!!!… UK’s fifty times hot as Spain!!!’
And booked last minute on a plane.

The tourists flocked across in droves
And joined the Brits in Summer clothes
Sandals/socks, Hawaiian shirts
Butt munchin shorts n sawn off skirts

A sea of flesh hit every street
Ice cream flakes melted in the heat
(Brits, never happy with their lot…
Grumbled, ‘It’s too bloomin’ ‘ot!!’)

Suddenly quite overnight
The Sun just disappeared from sight
No longer hot, no longer bright
The weather turned its usual shite!

Tourists stood there cold and wet
(Their clothing now inadequate)…
Shopped for a polythene anorak…

Copyright Β© MacMcFadden 2018

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