Poem of the Moment

On this page I am posting poems that have just sprung to mind. Some of these may have just been written on the spot and may be rubbish. You decide 😀…


We gather every year
With our Poppies, Medals, Beer…

To remember:

Those who’ve gone before…
Left our shores and went to war
To be cut down in their prime
Far too soon before their time
In a far-off foreign land
With a rifle in their hand
A mother’s letter in a pocket
A sweetheart weeping in a locket
Fearing, landmine, shell and rocket
Dodging bullet, and grenade
Carrying, pack and dread and spade
Facing, sniper rat n bomb
Till they perished on the Somme
That’s why we’re duly gathered here
With our Poppies, Medals, Beer

In the streets and all around
Veterans’ footsteps beat the ground
Old mates marching side by side
Complete with: hipflasks, gout n pride
Out of time n out of breath
(Half of them are ‘Mutton Jeff’)
Brothers & sisters everyone
Their bond will ALWAYS soldier on
They’ve been comrades since they met
And they never will forget
Their old muckers now deceased…
(Falklands/Ulster/Middle East)
That’s why these veterans reappear
With their Poppies, Medals, Beer

The rays of hope shine through the clouds
The rays of love shine through the crowds
The waving hands, the smiles, the cheers
The memories, the scars, the tears
People in their Sunday Best
Shirts n blazers, neatly pressed
Regimental Tie n Crest
Polished gongs upon the chest
Friendships are forged anew
With those you’d never met, yet ‘knew’
People come from far n near
Just to feel the atmosphere
And pay homage every year
With their Poppies, Medals, Beer

Sadly; mankind never learns
Still he shoots, n bombs n burns
Still goes hurtling into war
Despite the pain of those before
Again he’ll wreck and he’ll destroy
Our sons n daughters will deploy
To perish in a foreign land
With a rifle in their hand
Surrounded, yet alone
A loved one’s photo in a phone
There’ll be more bloodshed, death n tears
And in the coming future years
Our great grandchildren will be here
With their Poppies, Medals, Beer!!


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