Poem of the Moment

On this page I am posting poems that have just sprung to mind. Some of these may have just been written on the spot and may be rubbish. You decide 😀…

I have a friend I’ve met who sells the Big Issue. A lovely bloke. This was in part inspired by him. Just because you are homeless, it doesnt make you worthless, and it doesnt mean you dont still have dignity.


I have no longing for the things that are desirable to many
Anything that I possess is hardly worth a penny
This country where I live, is not my land of milk n honey
I get wet through when it rains , n’ then, I dry-off when it’s sunny
I’ve never feared a bailiff, I hide from no loan shark
I’m living mortgage-free amongst the squirrels in the park

When you pass me in the City, you don’t have to hold your nose
Because I know where to go to when I need to clean my clothes
You could say that I look shabby, but you couldn’t say I smell
I wash myself with soap each night, I shave most days as well
I’m thick-skinned and impervious to any sly remark
I’d rather listen to the chatter of the squirrels in the park

I used to have a bedroom, I used to have a mother
I used to have a sister, and once, or twice, I had a lover
I used to have a job, and I used to have the bills
I also had the worry, all the stress and headache pills!

I’m not a boozer or a user (though I know a lot who are)
You’ll never catch me begging for your change, outside a bar
You won’t see me near the cashpoint, pleading at you, cap-in-hand
Though, possibly I’ve sold you a Big Issue on the Strand
If I sell them all by midday, I’m as happy as a lark
For, I’m then free to go and sit amongst the squirrels in the park

Away from all the crowds, the noisy streets and bars
I feed the geese and ducks and sleep out underneath the stars
When a storm is brewing, I just squirrel myself away
If you’re into Wild Camping; Hey!… I live it everyday

When my rucksack lets in water, on the days it hammers down
I’m better sat beneath a tree, than soaked by traffic in the town
I get hand-me downs from people, to protect me from the weather
I haven’t got two coppers, that I could rub together
But I’m happier than a millionaire or any oligarch
They’ve got rats and hangers-on…

I’ve got the squirrels in the park


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