I Hate Hollywood

I Hate Hollywood‌

I Hate Hollywood, though I’ve never been
I’ve seen it enough on my TV screen
I Hate its ego, detest its vanity
Its ideology is anti humanity

I loathe its deception, despise its pretence
Elitism should be a civil offence
‘Authentically beautiful’ Hollywood stars
Vainly concealing their surgical scars.

I hate its eating disorders, its trout pout
The way it shamelessly implants self loathing and doubt
Stay young, be skinny, don’t dare to grow old
If you stop looking pretty, prepare to be trolled!

Its skin is too tanned, it’s teeth are too White
It’s developed a cure for cellulite??!!
Where’s the cowgirl with middle aged spread?
Where’s the male lead with the balding head?

Let’s invade and spoil the show
Give Superman a camels toe
Make Laura Croft a size 18
Make James Bond look like Mr Bean

Let the sexy seductress have thin lips…
Droopy breasts and spacious hips
Make the swashbuckling swordsman four foot three
Make the handsome stranger look like… me!!!

Nothing is natural, nobody’s real
Cotton wool balls aren’t a proper meal!
Today the Chef’s Special is laxative pills…
All the Heroes are Zeroes in Beverly Hills!

Copyright (c) Mac McFadden 2018

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